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Shot Notes

Holophane LED manufactures commercial lighting systems. They hired me over the summer of 2011 to photograph the parking lot lights that were supplied to the Jones Farm Campus of Intel in Hillsboro, OR. In order to photograph the lights properly, they must be photographed from above, or at about the same level as the light source. If they’re photographed from below, you can get unappealing looking “flare bombs” coming off the lights and into the lens of the camera. Photographing from them above also allows a potential client to see how the light is dispersed, how much surface area is covered, and the color of the light. ┬áSo, in order to achieve all this, I had to rent a 26′ scissor lift to get me up that high. That night was particularly challenging because it was not only windy, but at almost full height, any movement by me made the whole platform shake. So, between the wind and my movements, I had to wait several minutes sometimes before each exposure until the platform stopped shaking. Earlier in the evening while I was waiting for the light to change a bit, I looked in the opposite direction that my camera was facing and saw this half moon and a perfectly clear sky as a backdrop to few light posts in another parking lot. I wasn’t focusing on that lot but it turned out to be one their favorite pictures from the shoot, and mine!

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