Last Light 17th May 2013

  • iPhone 5
  • 0.050 s (1/20) (1/20)
  • f/2.4
  • program (auto)
  • 80
  • 2013:05:17 20:23:21
  • 4.13 (413/100)
  • Auto Exposure

Shot Notes

While driving home one evening last week from an art opening along 24th Avenue in the industrial section of NW Portland, OR, I saw this incredible spot of light illuminating just the Freemont Bridge. Alongside of the bridge there was also a rainbow forming. All this was set against a sky of dark clouds. It was an utterly, stop dead in your tracks and view with awe, kind of moment. I immediately pulled into a small parking area and took a few shots with my iPhone.

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