Lens Test 20th October 2009

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • (C)Jeff Amram; 2009 All Rights Reserved
  • 0.250 s (1/4) (1/4)
  • f/11.0
  • Reserved
  • 400
  • 2009:10:20 16:35:27
  • 17.00 (17/1)
  • Manual Exposure

Shot Notes

I tested the Canon 17mm TS-E Lens a couple of weeks ago to try it for architectural photography. It’s used for perspective control and has a tilt-shift function. The lens itself moves to change perspective so the camera doesn’t haven’t move. And at 17mm there’s virtually no distortion at all. It’s pretty sweet…problem is, there seems to be only one of these lenses to rent in Portland from Pro Photo Supply so it’s always out and needs to be reserved well in advance. I’m also a Nikon user, so I have to rent a Canon 5D as well in order to use it. Nikon only makes 24mm tilt/shift lens. I’m waiting for them to go a little wider. The other option is start seeking donations to go towards the $2500 price tag attached to the Canon Lens 🙂

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